Beef Meat

Quarter Beef

$150.00 / deposit

  • Price: $6.95 / lbs hanging weight
  • Bulk Pre-Orders Receive Free Delivery within 250km of our farm: all delivery costs, if any, will be applied to the purchase price of your beef
  • Hanging Weight: around 115-140 pounds
  • Deposit: a deposit ensures your order is filled within approximately 8 to 10 weeks. Please email or call us to confirm the exact waiting time. Read more below for all the pre-order details
  • What is the final price of Quarter Beef? It does depend on the size of animal however price would be around $950 total for a Quarter Beef. Example: if a quarter of the animal is around 140 lbs x $6.95 per lb = $973. After the cutting you will have approximately 98 lbs of meat in your freezer
  • 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef. Galloway/Angus cross
  • Raised Locally and Treated Humanely. Hormone and Antibiotic Free
  • Meat processed in a provincial inspected abattoir and provincial inspected butcher
  • All meats delivered frozen. 7 days shelf life. Will keep frozen in original packaging up to 1 year.
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A deposit ensures your order is filled within 8 to 10 weeks. Your deposit will be applied to the purchase price of your beef or pork. ​Your final payment is due at time of pick up, or prior to delivery via Interac, email money transfer, or cash.

If you are one that likes to specify cutting instructions and are looking for a whole or half animal, or a years supply, or have a family to feed and lots of freezer storage this is a good option for you. When you order a whole or half animal you are able to specify your own cutting instructions so you get the cuts exactly like you want them.

Just remember when buying a whole or half animal you are buying by dressed weight/hanging weight, and you will lose 30-35% of the initial weight due to the cutting process. When you order a whole or half you are able to get all the off cuts and organs if you want them ( ​heart, tongue, liver, soup bones, marrow bones, and oxtail​). There is no extra charge for them.

Free Delivery 
on All Meat Orders 
over $190 and within 220 km 
radius of our farm 
in Brussels, ON. This includes the whole GTA area, Hamilton area, Kitchener Waterloo area, London area and everyone in-between.

We deliver twice a month. On The 1st and 3rd week of the month.

We recommend everyone to drive out to meet us, see the farm animals and pick up your meat order but that doesn’t work with everyone’s schedule so we offer other shipping methods.

All shipping to be finalized after the amount of meat is confirmed in cart. Subject to weight and courier available to your area.

Thank you for supporting your local Ontario small farmer!