ethically raised meats

We Are Elverne and Charlene Wideman. Serving You With A Healthy Choice Of Food

We provide quality and nutritious meat by working with a small community of Mennonite farmers who have a co-op called Howick Community Farmers. All our beef, pork, chicken and lamb products are non gmo, antibiotic free, and raised on small family farms.

hormone and antibiotic free

Our Beef Is 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished

With pasture in the summer and dried grasses (hay) in the months when grass isn’t growing. We raise them as close to nature with calving in the spring and processing in the fall when the grass is giving them the most nutrients

our grass fed beef

from our farm to your plate

all meat orders over $285 and within 260 kms radius of our store can receive free shipping

Our Pastured Pork
raised naturally and locally

Our Pork Is Raised Outdoors In The Pasture

With all the fresh air and sunshine. They eat as much grass in their diets as they wish along with non-gmo grains. Living in excellent conditions ensures they live stress free

raised ethically and naturally

Our Pastured Poultry Diet Consists Of As Much Grass

As they wish along with non-gmo grains. Started in a little shelter then moved to the outdoor chicken tractors where they are moved to a new plot of grass twice daily

Our Pastured Poultry
Grocery products
local nutritional products

Our Grocery Items are Sourced from Small Family Farms

Local, healthy and nutritional products. A variety of items such as sheep and goat products, organic maple syrup, organic flour, raw honey, as well as apple and tomato products.